Updating a recordset

So if you later split your database so the tables are attached, the code fails when you use a method that no longer applies. Dynaset guarantees your code will work for all queries and tables, local and attached.Example: Using any of the Move methods (Move First, Move Last, Move Next, or Move Previous) causes an error if the recordset has no records. Either of these approaches works: For recordsets based on queries, SQL statements, and attached tables, the Record Count property returns the number of records accessed so far.Test for EOF (or BOF if moving backwards) before checking the real exit condition for your loop. VBA is more forgiving than most other languages: just press Ctrl Break to break out of the loop.Use this construct for looping through Access recordsets: When looping through records, it is easy to create an endless loop by omitting the line rst. Even in a quick'n'dirty procedure, a progress indicator lets you know if a loop is stuck.

This error is generated on the actual RS("\`Unique\`")=1 statement and not on the RS. We are currently trying to decide if we should migrate our application from access Jet to either My SQL or MSSQL DBMS. See Solving Problems with Library References for details. To ensure your code works reliably: There are different types of DAO recordset, with different methods.When you Open Recordset() on a query or attached table, Access defaults to a Dynaset type (db Open Dynaset).I just downloaded mysql-connector-odbc-3.51.12, and I am still seeing the problem. Re-opening this old bug -- we need to figure out how to resolve this (and there are later duplicate filings). Connection, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Optimistic, ad Cmd Table rs. I created a table in the "test" database as follows: create table reserved (id serial, `default` varchar(15)); Then I run the following code under Visual Basic 6: Dim cn Test As ADODB. To be clear, the quoting problem is on the ADO/VB side -- queries that are generated within the driver always quote the identifiers correctly.

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